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Invest in yourself a fast paced fitness program or a relaxing well program


Vinyasa Yoga with Priya

End your work day by treating yourself to the wonderful benefits of Vinyasa Yoga (“breath-synchronized movement”). Embrace the serenity with every slow flowing movement from pose to pose.

“It is health that is real wealth and not

pieces of gold and silver" - Ghandi

Improve muscle quality, flexibility and allow your body to relieve stress and tension. Fusion training includes a combination of joint mobility routines, yoga vinyasas, strength training with kettlebells/dumbbells and body-weight, and core conditioning.

Fusion Fitness with Geoff Dixon

The key to living a healthy and happy lifestyle starts with providing our bodies with all the nutrients it requires to survive. The majority of positive changes that take place within our bodies and our everyday lives are due to the foods we consume. Here at NutriFitness Boot Camp we will help you understand how the body utilizes various foods so you can make better food choices without feeling deprived!  

Nutritional counseling is also available

Tai Chi with Geoff Dixon

This class focuses on simple non-invasive movements derived from the Yang and Wu styles of Tai Chi. These movements work to improve health by raising energy levels, lowering blood pressure, improving balance, and enhancing the immune system.  (Classes cancelled until further notice...Call for Private Trainings)  

Yoga Exercise Tai Chi

At NutriFitness, you can enjoy one-on-one training in a relaxed and private atmosphere. Our Certified Personal Trainers have up to 30 years experience in the fitness industry. Whatever your goals may be, our trainers will design a program to accommodate your lifestyle and help you reach your goals the RIGHT way. First consultation is always free.

Personal Training/Small Group Training


Your balance is tested every day. Whether walking up and down stairs or carrying groceries from your car, your stability is being challenged.


Research has shown that after just two sessions of balance training the body has a quicker reaction time in unstable environments.


Balance training increases the strength of smaller, stabilizing muscles of the joints and core which are usually neglected during cardio and/or weightlifting sessions.


An increase in stability and strength of tendons and ligaments over time can reduce the incidence of injury.


Balance Training 101 is beneficial and recommended for all ages and all levels of fitness!!!


Days/Time: Thursdays, 8:30 am & 5:30 pm

Cost: $10 per class

Location: NutriFitness 311 Market Street, Kingston


Call to register: 570-288-2409 or Email:

Balance Training 101